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At The Equity Release Store, we are unique. Not only are we equity release experts, but we are also independent financial advisers with over 20 years experience. As such, we are one of only a handful of Equity Release Council members who can advise on all areas of finance.
Despite already being incredibly busy helping clients with their pensions, investments and mortgage needs, we decided to offer lifetime mortgage advice after growing increasingly concerned with the fact that most of the companies advertising advice on these products are not authorised to advise on any other financial solutions.
We strongly believe that in order to achieve the most appropriate outcome for a client, it is important that an adviser takes a holistic view of your financial situation before considering a lifetime mortgage as an option.
Our experiences have shown us time and time again that there are many viable paths that some clients could resort to before embarking on something as permanent and long term as a lifetime mortgage.
Unfortunately, most equity release advisers are not suitably qualified or experienced enough to explore any of these alternatives. This is why we feel that as Independent Financial Advisers, we are the best choice if you are looking for truly holistic advice.
When you speak to a member of The Equity Release Store, you’ll get sound, practical advice and you’ll always feel in safe hands.